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Welcome to Apexx

Apexx is a technical production company that specialises in lighting and rigging. We realise complex designs in the best posssible way in any given circumstance.

Our extensive experience in the entertainment industry guarantees a realistic, cost efficient and safe production.

Our team will take your event to the next level. From design to pre-production, from drawing to planning, Apexx delivers full control over the complete course of your production.

Apexx will deliver your event on time and up to specs.

Bjorn, Jos and Bram


Working Process

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Jos Jacobs
Technical draughtsman / projectmanager

I especially like the challenge a complex design brings. Working together with designers from an early stage has the benefits of reaching solutions that are not only up to the demands but also clearly feasible and safe. In a production it is of vital importance to set clear goals and put people in the right place.With that, anything is possible. Delivering a complex set is the best thing there is.

Bram van Geelen
Systeem engineer / Work planner

Communication is of vital importance. In modern designs, where more and more layers of complexity are added to reach the demands, the technical infrastructure is more important than ever. As a system engineer it is my job to make this infrastructure as simple as possible without losing flexibility and at the same time optimizing workflow.In modern project management, where leadership and teamspirit can make the difference between failure and success, communication is key. In planning complex load ins, I always strive to put together a team thatis both flexible and resilient.

Bjorn VanderBroeck
Technical draughtsman / projectmanager

3D-visualisation is the standard in lighting design nowadays, allowing designers and operators to apply WYSIWYG-concepts from the initial phase of design. On the workfloor technical drawings are needed that turn the massive amount of information in the designer’s drawing into smaller and clearer bits that are easy to work with for the technicians. As designers tend to change their mind, flexibilityis an important feature of good draughtsmanship. A well made drawing can turn a complicated design into a feasible project. My extensive experience as a technician and project manager allows me to make drawings that are exactly what people need to get the job done.

Our Latest Work

We are APEXX.EU from The Netherlands.

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ImpaQt / 2019
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